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We are a digital ad & growth agency that takes a holistic approach to marketing for small businesses ready to step into the next level, attract ideal clients, grow community

outreach and amplify services.

About Crystal

“Supporting your business in creating an impact in whole modern living isn’t work, but my mission.”

Crystal Hays is the founder and creatress of Hōm whose vision came from her experience as a working mother of three young children in an ever-changing economical climate. As an entrepreneur herself who believes in a purpose-driven business, she has faced her own challenges in standing out amongst the noise and attracting dream-level clients. 

Your business is not just a product or offer. It’s your message and the work you are being called to do in the world. With a marketing background of over 15 years in the industry, wellness professional over 20 years, and published author Crystal is passionate on supporting holistically minded and passion-driven small business stay profitable, create lasting impact and attract premium clients.  

As the founder and creatress of hōm, Crystal’s mission is to support businesses on their unique journey, stand out as a leader and connect with more people than ever before.

Meet the Collective

As much as we need to look within to find our daily rhythm, it is equally essential to seek out teachers

and healers in every area of mind, body, and spirit alignment. Our Collective is made up of

movement guides, healers, teachers, and holistic practitioners all here to support and guide YOU in

feeling empowered, educated, and centered.

Danielle DeJoie

Mimi Truong

Jasmine Montoya

Dr. Jane Shomof

Dr. Ashley Beckman

Dr. Heidi Gastler

Hagar Harpak

Nicole LaCour-Wordlaw

Leia Hays

Jannet Carrera

Dr. Jenny Stofer, DC



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